Monday, December 04, 2006

Tomorrow (Today) is the BIG Day!

I am committing to a SERIOUS effort to lose this 30 or so lbs that is still hanging on to me. Thankfully, I cannot say, "Well, I've tried everything and it just won't come off." I have tried eating cookies and chocolate and pizza and chips, and darnit, it just hasn't come off. So, there's hope. I'm going to go with better choices.

I still loves me some Weight Watchers Online, so I will be doing that. I have to consult my calendar now and figure out a goal date to reach my goal weight. Woo hoo. What a cute rhyme. I also have to wrap my mind around this being exciting and not just restrictive. It really is when I think of the end result. Must focus on end result.

I will be reporting in more detail over on my sistah site to this, featuring Shameless Reality Show. I am even considering weekly progress pics. Am I that transparent? Will I really post pics of my saggy belly and boobs online? That's the problem. No one wants to see that. I'll have to think about it. Hmm. Let me know if you want to see that. Not in a creepy stalker sort of way, but in a "I am so inspired by this massive transformation" sort of way. Or, let me know if it's the first, too. Then I'll know NOT to post them. Or maybe don't let me know. LOL. Just kidding on that one.

Tune in tomorrow/today (see it's 12:37 here, it technically IS today that it will happen but I haven't slept yet. Of course, I haven't been sleeping at all, so what's the diff?)

Ramble ramble ramble.

I am done.



Laura said...

Good luck - we should cheerlead each other. I've been trying to do the WW thing for a couple of weeks now again!

Terri said...

fo-shizzle! Oh, sorry, I just can't stop rapping. heh. heh. I've got more details over at my other blog. I'm not sure how much I'll put on this one. Maybe I'll post about it here, too. You just never know what I might say here. It's so exciting. LOL. Well, I've been good for 2 days. Just 29 weeks and 5 days more! Oh wait, it's a lifestyle change...