Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cool People, Part 1: I wish I were cooler: Kevin Smith movies

Cool people like Kevin Smith movies, right? I try. I have a love/hate relationship with Kevin Smith movies. I always go in thinking, "Ok, I'll give this a try." Then, during the movie I often feel like even though the conversation is realistic, it feels contrived for some reason. Is it the acting? I don't know. It feels like one of those movies where the characters speak all the backstory in the beginning of the movie. Maybe they do. Interestingly enough, I felt like they did this a bit in Rent, too. (The common denominator being that Rosario Dawson was in both movies.)

And then they get gross. Too gross. I really don't want to see Jay's butt in a movie. Or many of the things they do and say in Kevin Smith movies. But then he does something hilarious and I keep watching, RIGHT as I was about to turn it off. And then it gets gross again, and then sentimental and then hilarious and I keep watching. But through like...oh...60% of the movie, I'm shaking my head at what Jay or someone else just did, thinking, "WHY am I watching this?" And then the hilarious thing happens and I stay with it. Often I'm sitting next to someone (often my husband) who is laughing riotously as I am just sitting there shaking my head. But I keep trying. Mostly tonight because it was my Kevin's birthday.

If you're wondering, it was Clerks II.

Ahhh...see...I just went to IMDB to get all those links. Kevin Smith was born in 1970. I always fall for people born in 1970. (Right, Amy? I mean Kevin.) But Kevin Smith is a Leo. I sometimes have a hard time with Leo energy. Perhaps this is the crux of it.

I kinda liked it. And I kinda didn't. Does that mean I'm kinda cool? Oh well.

Zane is up. Must go.



Reel Fanatic said...

I haven't been cool for at least 20 years, and probably never was, but I still like Kevin Smith movies .. you're right that he usually, at some point, crosses the line from great to just gross, but there's usually enough in there to make me laugh and smile that I forgive him

Terri said...

Allright, so you can like Kevin Smith movies without being cool. But if you are cool, you have to like 'em, right? ;)

Colleen said...

Love Kevin Smith and all of his movies! I'm a Leo too :-)

(Funniest part was Jay being a heshee when he put his business between his legs and posed. I peed a little!)

Terri said...

ROFL! I was going to point that part out being the funniest part of the movie, but I felt at a loss to describe it. Thanks! I like that Dante says, "THAT'S my surprise?"

Terri said... on the Leo part! That explains your love of playing and performing. :)