Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Helping Troubled Teens

My kids are currently almost 9 and 2 years old. Although, clearly it's on the way, I sometimes don't like to think about the challenges they will face as teenagers. I certainly did a little bit of experimenting and their father did more than a little bit. It's scary to think about.

I'm sure it's completely overwhelming to find yourself in the situation of needing to find an adolescent drug treatment program. However, it's good to know that there are advances being made in the kinds of treatment available, such as this program which goes to the heart of psychological and addictive problems by focusing on empowering the individual so they can live more fulfilling lives.

My mom is a recovering alcoholic and I never really thought that drinking was the real problem. I have felt all along that it is other issues that are the problem, and drinking is just the symptom. It's good to know that there are programs out there that are working on that principle for teens who need help.


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