Friday, December 29, 2006

Luke Update

He's doing so well. We seem to be getting better at the potty training thing. It's been really cold lately (at least not raining) so we bought him a coat.

Luke models his coat

Luke models his coat, side view

Kevin has been working with him on crate training and it seems to have worked because he only whined one time that I know about last night and stopped right away. And he's still sleeping up there in his crate! Kevin even got to sleep in bed instead of on the closet floor with a dog. Wow, now if we could only train Zane not to wake us up in the night! I sure hope he didn't make in his crate. They say that can put them back weeks or even months! He seems to have pretty decent control, though. Perhaps because he spent so much time with the older dogs, he learned from them.

Kevin and Luke really love each other.

Kevin and Luke, in coats

(Let me just say that taking the red eye out of a red head is a pain in the butt because you have to be so careful not to get any skin because the computer reads it as red and greys out that too!)

Both Zane and Luke have been very good boys. Zane is very gentle with him and learning to be more and more careful and how to play with him as well. He is also getting good at "walking to the puppy" vs. running.


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