Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sick, Sick, and More Sick

Well, we've entered Sick Season around here. I can't remember exactly when it began. It was after Zane's birthday (2/27), but before his doctor's appt (3/6). I believe Zane got sick first, then me, then Kevin, then Caspian, then me, then Kevin, then Zane, then Kevin? Oh who knows. I just know I'm sick of it.

The upside to the sick sick sickiness is that it makes for a cuddly baby. See below.

Caspian's behavior tends to fluctuate between angel and devil. A little happy medium might be nice. But I guess, what can you expect from an 8 year old, with two homes, two families, two one-year old siblings that are not siblings themselves, a frustrated artist stay-at-home-dad, and an impending cross country move. I guess I just hope we all live through it. I might try to take him to the Shambhala Meditation Center tomorrow. Apparently, they have programs for children.

I will now paste in the text to an email I sent to my friend Erika tonight. This is how my days have been going...

So, tonight, Zane achieved the ultimate of privileges...

I was changing his diaper and noticed that he had an enlarged lymph node, which I wanted Kevin to feel.

Kevin was downstairs.

I had to wait and wait and wait.

Zane decided to get up from the waiting and stand, diaperless, at his toy basket.

This was all well and good for about 30 seconds until I saw the poo coming out of his bum.

That's right. Zane just shat on the living room rug. Zane the good life.
In his defense, he does have the flu.

It took me a couple of hours, but it eventually made me think of you and all the fond discussions we've had about shitting in the middle of the living room.

Ahhhh, this email is beginning to remind me of Alfred Lunt's reminisces of Helen Hayes. Do you think this email will make it into my biography someday?


ps--When Kevin finally came up and felt the node, he said, "Yep. It's swollen." He cleaned it up at least.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar and ZV

No, no, no, Zane was not hanging out with George Clooney and Felicity Huffman. Not THAT Oscar. The REAL Oscar. Oscar the Grouch.

Here they are getting down to "I Love Trash."


Kevin's Home Military School

So, we got an unfavorable note home from Caspian's school. After some other issues, Kevin has decided to go all out with the discipline and now the young lad is having a home military school experience. Let's all hope we stick with it.

Here he is confined to quarters after he could no longer do any more push ups...

His room looks neat, don't it?


Thursday, March 02, 2006


This morning, Caspian decided to be a good big brother and explain something of our language to little Zane.

You could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he matter-of-factly said, "The word 'commeer' actually is from the two words "come here".


ps--Credit to Kristine Claudette for inspiring me to blog this.