Sunday, December 03, 2006 is HERE!

If you've been reading this blog, you know two things. 1. I blog for money at PayPerPost. (LOVE them.) 2. I just started my own domain which is a reality "show" based on my family's life. It was actually inspired by all the videos that PayPerPost has been paying me to make.

Brilliant PR business that PayPerPost is, they are doing a business reality tv show online. As a beloved PayPerPost Postie, I've known something like this was coming down the pike. As a beloved PayPerPost Postie, I know PayPerPost is very good at what they do and are always working to make things better. But honestly, with this new site they pretty much blew me outta the water.

The look of both the site and the episodes themselves is incredibly professional, and I just say, just darn cool. The episodes feature real-life situations in which CEO and Founder Ted Murphy and his crew are out and about doing whatever they can to get PayPerPost noticed. Ted is honestly one funny dude. I think he might have an acting background. He is certainly one gigantic ham (no fat jokes!). The rest of the staff has a lot magnetism and fun as well. They really are, as Kevin says in his tagline, "Putting it all out there."

And it's fun to watch. This is a brand new business in a whole new area of internet marketing. It's Ted's SIXTH in thirteen years. There's a lot of controversy surrounding what paid posting might do to the blogosphere. Who KNOWS what's going to happen, but it's fun to watch, so check it out!

Here's Episode 1:

Even though I gave that up on the blog, there's a LOT more to see at, including Epidsode 2. So go there. Go on. Go.


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