Monday, December 11, 2006

Kevin's Birthday--The Update

So, Kevin turned 36 on the 9th of December, as you could see from some of my posts. I figured I should update how it went. We had a nice, relaxing day. Kevin slept in, drank coffee, got a professional massage and a new flannel, and then we worked on his PPP vid and watched a movie (Clerks II, as perhaps you could have surmised). Oh, and I made peanut butter brownies, which I decided to call "peanut butter bars with some chocolate in them" because I had no recipe and just added peanut butter at my own discretion. Everyone said they liked them, though. Here is Zane enjoying them. I am told that he started with the spoon and then threw it aside. I think I was grabbing the camera.

Yeah, I don't have a decent pic of Kevin on his birthday. I might have a vid. I'll be posting a bunch of stuff over at featuring Shameless Reality Show, hopefully real soon.


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