Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Puppy, Puppy, Puppy

Ummm...we're getting a puppy tomorrow! His name is Luke. We think it is officially Lucius Aurelius Bacon Bond. But we will call him Luke. Lucius means "light bringer" and reminds us of the cool dude named Lucius we met on St. Lucia. Aurelius means "golden". Bacon means, well, bacon. Kevin loves bacon. And we love Kevin Bacon. We considered naming Zane "Kevin Bacon Shamel". We decided against that. Bond is like James Bond. Our doggie is Bond. Luke Bond. He's a superspy who has a way with the ladies, which is good because we might decide to breed him.

He's a yorkshire terrier. He's shrimpy. He'll be 3 months on January 7th. He was born the day after our 4th wedding anniversary.

All hail Lucius Aurelius!


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