Thursday, December 14, 2006

O Canada! (5:00 am Ramble for Steve)

Remember that episode of That 70s Show that had the guys all singing the Canadian national anthem to get them out of trouble? That was a crackup.

Kevin and I have had a fascination with Canada since we saw the Michael Moore movie, Bowling for Columbine. I think it's a somewhat common fascination stemming from that source, especially during this here Bush era. Now, even though I've lived in the Northern half of the U.S. my whole life, I haven't made it up there yet. Well, we have plans (just wish I didn't need to renew my passport.)

Ok, I was just thinking of all that as I was perusing my Canadian blogger buddy Steve's site: The Beginnings of a Blog. He's a Canadian currently studying in NY on a track scholarship. My fellow posties, Colleen and Cass, got all up in arms on his hawtness as they were talking about his site. I was gonna try to stick to the facts and was looking for some interesting "Canuck in the states" sort of stuff, but upon checking the archives, I got all distracted by him posting about his butt. Now, how'm I supposed to stay focused when that's what I find? Well, he's not always posting about his butt. There's also a lot of information on tech stuff and his life as a college student (finals recently) and just funny or cool things he finds online.

So, I look back to August (still looking for stuff on Canada--thinking he was home in the summer, no?) to find he has a girlfriend, but I think something must have happened, because he recently talks of not talking to the pretty girl at a party. Again, I ask, how am I supposed to stay focused on looking up Canadian information, when I get all sidetracked by romance and runners' butts? Oh well. I guess I'm just like the other girls.

Further searching has still found little in the way of long reminscinces of Steve's love of Canada. But I found this funnily honest post. Talk about disclosure! I like this one, too, because I question busyness as well.

I have to go search the archives for what happened to Steve's girlfriend now. I'm not gonna tell. Go there yourself. Until then, here's the pretty boy's pic. (It was just too tempting to not Colleen- and Cass-it-up a bit!)

Thanks for the import, Canada! (At least temporarily.)

How could he NOT talk to the pretty girl? Boys... Hmmm...I wonder if he would like Amanda. Hmmm...Scorpio. That would work with a Virgo. Of course, now she'd be the older woman. Ahhh...the things I do when I wake up at 4:00 AM with a raging headache. I think the ibuprofen has almost taken effect. He looks like a Scorp, now that I see that. Dark. Mmm hm. Girls like that, Steve. Next time you're at a party, go for it. I know, I know, you're a geek at heart, but if we find a cutie, with a runner's butt who can also make sure we never lose internet connectivity... Ok, I gotta end this before it gets even more outta hand.

But come on, people, go visit Steve. Go on, go. Now.



Steve said...

You're honestly crazy, but hilarious, hahaha. That made me laugh, I needed it with all the stress I've been through. Btw I broke up with my girlfriend in October, was kinda hard so I didn't feel like talking about it there but now I'm a free man so let's go ladies :)

Take Care and keep up the funny posts :)


Terri said...

Thanks! Sorry about the GF sitch. That can be tough. Look out, ladies!