Thursday, December 14, 2006

Being up early makes me want to post news

How odd. That's not like me. Well, I'm hearing all the news on GMA.

Peter Boyle died. He played Raymond's dad on Everybody Loves Raymond. He was pretty annoying in that, but I think that was the point. He was Frankenstein's monster in Young Frankenstein. I did not know that! Now, that's acting.

Dear GAWD, we are supposed to have more high winds. We are looking at gusts to 89-90 mph. Kevin said, "What have we DONE to this place, Terri?" It's true. Since we've been in Olympia, we've had record heat and little rain this summer, record rain in November, snow when there usually isn't any, and now these crazy winds. What's left of our fence has been a casualty. And we think we may have lost a shingle from the roof.

Mistletoe hats. I do have to say that I am PRO-Mistletoe. Kissing rocks.

Ummm...Angelina Jolie is so pretty. I suppose her name is Jolie (literally French for pretty.) I have resisted blogging about celebrities. I figure they have enough written about them. They are talking about Princess Di this morning and stating that her death is officially an accident now. That was when I decided I should try not to be taken in by celebrity gossip. But it's so fun. But I feel bad for them. They should have some privacy. I do love Brangelina, though. I love Jen, too. I was sad for the breakup. Brad and Jen were my and Kevin's celebrity counterparts. (Sagittarius and Aquarius, Sagittarius and Aquarius.) Of course, they are kinda ugly compared to us, but you can't be perfect.

Anyway, it was nice to hear about Brangelina's family, and that they seem to have come to their senses a little about how many kids they are going to have. At least she has. I was beginning to wonder about them. But then you figure, hey, if anyone can take care of them, they can. They try to be really hands-on. It cracks me up when people applaud the rich and famous for taking care of their own kids. I mean, I guess they don't have to, but it still cracks me up. I would like to see Babel. Because today, that seems to be the theme. I'm a babbler today, obviously.

I guess that's the news for now. Zane is still asleep! Without me. Whoa.


(You're welcome, GMA, I'm sure you needed all those links from me.)

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Jules said...

OMG I did not know Peter Boyle died! How sad :( I must go find the news story now.