Friday, December 29, 2006

Secret Agent Josephine

I read a really cool post by Secret Agent Josephine yesterday. I hadn't visited her blog in a while. When I visited, I remembered why I love her blog so much. I don't really know her. I've only emailed her back and forth maybe once or twice. But she gets a lot of traffic and a lot of comments and she was so kind as to email me back, and I think she was really, REALLY pregnant at the time.

She's just cool. First of all, she's a graphic designer and an AWESOME one at that. (I've been using a lot of all caps lately--excuse me if that's obnoxious.) Her site looks cool.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She includes amazing photographs that she takes all the time. (I need a better camera.) And not only photos, but many of her entries have slideshows with a number of great photos. (Hmmm...hey maybe I should copy that idea.) She has ads on her site, but she designs them herself, so they all look cohesive. She writes about her life, but in a very honest and interesting way. Maybe she is just a very honest and interesting person. I think her posts may be longer than the average blog post, but I always just read them right up, because I find them so engaging. She's got style. And knows what's important. She's adorable, as is Baby Bug, her almost-one-year-old daughter. Heather got me into SAJs blog while SAJ was pregnant, so I've seen Baby Bug grow up.

SAJ does things that the rest of us wish we could do - like make these awesome milestone movies for her kid with fantastic music every month. They almost make me want to have another kid. Almost. (Not really.) She lives at the beach, but she's cool enough to know she's lucky. And she draws on boxes with sharpies instead of cleaning her bathroom. Now, I might do something like that, but probably not as well as her. (Not self-deprecating here, just true. She's a freakin' artist, People!)

What I liked most about the post was how it made me feel. It made me feel that not only was I ok to not have a totally clean house, but that I was probably doing the right thing. Because really, shouldn't we all do what we love? It also gave me a window into one of those people I admire and think, "HOW do they do all that?" They don't do ALL that. They do what they love. And it shows.

Thanks, SAJ. You are awesome. Keep shining, sister.



soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

She does have a great site!!! She did the artwork for a good buddy online buddy of mine - Michele at

skeet said...

Oh, rats, another to add to my daily read list. Maybe I shouldn't thank you for that, since my butt is spreading out into a pancake from sitting in front of the computer all day?

Nah! Mahalo for your own great blog and for introducing me to someone who would absolutely understand the furballs that don't get picked up every day. Good stuff all around!

And mahalo nui loa for your kind words on my blog. So much appreciated, my new friend!

Terri said...

Heh heh, Skeet. Mahalo to you, too!

secret agent josephine said...

blush! oh my goodness! I had no idea you were writing such nice things about me. I'll have to pay you later.

seriously though, thank you... you make my head want to explode.

Terri said...

Ha ha. All true! I hope your head stays in tact. :D