Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mom's Night Out

Wow. I didn't realize how geeky that made me feel until I typed it: "Mom's Night Out". What is probably even worse is that I could probably count on ONE hand the number of times I have been out during an evening without Zane since he was born. Oh well, it's my choice. I don't really mind. It's just the kind of mom I am. He won't be shrimpy forever. In fact, he's getting bigger every darn day. And that's fine, too. I'm not one of those moms who wants their kid to stay small forever. Go on, get big! He is so much fun at this age, though.

So, I went out to a local diner and it was so good! I was invited by my friend Suemary and there were 2 other moms in addition to the 2 of us. A nice small group. We had some great gab sessions, burgers, and coffee. I even avoided dessert and french fries. Amazing. AND, their salads were great. The place was adorable, too. A little hippie haven with murals on the walls and tofu on the menu. I will definitely return. I'd link it, but I don't think they have a website. Nope. Darby's Cafe. If you are ever in Olympia, check it out. Friendly and good service, too. Overall, a very enjoyable evening. Yay, moms.

One of the nice things about Olympia is that I really feel we belong here. I like the people we meet and can generally relate to them and don't feel like I have to hide my true self. I don't get odd looks when I talk about astrology or Kevin's healing and psychic pursuits. People are interested. It's a nice change.


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Retta said...

What is this night out thing you speak of????? (insert jealous here)

sounds like some kind of fun ;)
I sound out of place no matter where I'm talking at ....