Sunday, December 31, 2006

Great group of sites from a fellow Muser

Tricia over at Tricia's Musings and her husband, Chris, have a couple of other sites worth visiting, if you haven't seen them yet.

It's so funny, I was initially drawn to Tricia's Musings because I saw she had visited my site and we had chosen the same name for our blogs. (Plus, she has a funky-cool avatar that reminds me of one of my favorite periods of my hair.)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That's me, circa 1996. The color is actually a little faded in this shot. It was more like Tricia's avatar when it was first colored.

Kinda weird, huh?

I really like her site because it's visually appealing and has a great variety of content that includes substance and fun. So, I was excited to hear that she had another blog called Celebrity Scoop. I do like myself a little celebrity gossip, even though I try not to indulge too much. (It makes me feel guilty for some reason. I guess I feel bad for the celebrities' lack of privacy. Of course, some of them just thrive on it.) I do like that Tricia puts her own unique spin on the stories, including highlighting political figures like Saddam Hussein as well. Very interesting.

Her husband Chris' site, Odd Planet, reminds me of my husband Kevin's Shameless Stuff. How funny, huh? Tricia and I must be soul-sisters or something. While we girls write about our lives and like to peek in on the celebs, the guys are all about the weirdness in the world. Kevin's tagline reads, "Observations on the shameless world around me. Gads, we're all so weird!" The description for Odd Planet, is described as such, "Odd Planet is a humor/ entertainment blog that brings you odd new stories, stories about dumb criminals, and strange people. You’ll also find a good number of funny pictures and videos on the site as well." Perhaps the guys should write about the weird parallels amongst all our lives?

OMG, both Tricia and Chris are participating in Photo Hunters Scavenger Hunt. And oh boy, did they pick different topics. How funny. You have to go check it out to compare, especially if you know me and Kevin. It's very like how we might do something. I swear Tricia and Chris, we are NOT stalking you.

Anyway, get on over there and check out those blogs. They are worth a looksee. Yes, I just said looksee. So, sue me. I like weird words.

Happy NEW Year! (Maybe I have to try this photo scavenger hunt thing. Hmmmm.)



Retta said...

Tricia has the prettiest garden too! I'm jealous of it I tell you...jealous!

I've been thinking about the photo hunt thing for awhile too...what are we waiting for?

Terri said...

I don't know. Heather just started. I haven't looked into it. My time is kinda maxed out, so I wasn't sure about it. Plus I don't know the rules. Hey, you could put it on your 1001 list. LOL. Heather said it got her a ton of hits...

Tricia said...

Terri! Fantastic post! Thank you so much! I'm sorry I'm so behind in getting here to thank you and to write up a post in return.

You're right- both you and Kevin do sound quite a bit like Chris and I. LOL now that's kind of funny. Now if Kevin also happens to be a musician then we must be living parallel lives.

I was going to write up a post that had everyones links in it but I think I might just do seperate posts for each site. So watch for yours today.

And Retta - thank you for the compliment on my garden. :)

You both should do the photo hunt thing if you havent already started. All you need to do is visit the site, find out what the Saturday theme is and then try to come up with a photo that suits the theme. Some are more difficult to come up with but that's what makes it fun. I get lots of visitors from all the memes I do.

Thanks again!

Terri said...

Thanks Tricia, I'm glad you liked it! Kevin is primarily a writer and healer, but he is a good singer and can play some guitar. :) Do do do do Do do do do!!!

Tricia said...

Ahha! I had a feeling you might say that. Chris has been playing guitar since he was 9 and he's studied with some fantastic musicians. He's quite talented and really should be working in the music field.

Hmm more things in common.

I'd already finished your "review" with your many many sites - are you guys trying to catch up to Chris and I? LOL I just added the final site that you made me aware of too.

I hope you like what I've said. Lotsa linky love at the very least!