Thursday, December 07, 2006

Is it a PPP Christmas?

PPP stands for PayPerPost, the company that pays bloggers to write blog ads, of course! If you've been reading along, you've heard me wax poetic about my adoration of PayPerPost. Now, they're asking, "Hey, whatcha gonna spend all your awesome money on?"

I guess that depends on how you look at it. Is it on Christmas gifts? I guess--cuz I bought some. But really, right now the cash is just going into the "general keep my family alive and warm fund". How much have I made? $845.76. Wow! I didn't even realize it was that much. It's part of my financial plan of "multiple streams of income."

Now, here's the thing. I've been investigating a lot of online moneymaking opportunities lately. I can honestly say that we haven't really found anything that compares to PayPerPost. Anyone else who's investigated online opportunities starts to get suspicious. Do they really pay? I can say, "Oh YEAH!" for PayPerPost. Of that $845.76, I've already received $512.11. And I've only been doing this since mid-October. Pretty rad, huh? I think so.

Not only that, but it really is fun to write for PayPerPost. There is a lot of freedom, choices, and great support. There's a fabulous forum where you can really get to know your fellow bloggers. There's always some interesting new thing to write. The company itself is smart and fun. Hey, just check out this vid of CEO Ted Murphy if you don't believe me. Yeah, he's a catfeesh. Ok, maybe that's not the best example of smart. But trust me, folks, he is, and he's got a great crew working with him.


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