Thursday, December 28, 2006

Luke's First Night

Well, this may be a little bit more labor intensive than I had hoped. Zane playing with Luke is soooooooooo cute. But you just really, really have to manage it so hardcore. However, he is getting better with it by our saying, "WALK to the puppy" so he approaches Luke in the right way.

We really did not know what to do with him for the night. We have to figure it out. We didn't get a crate because Kevin was against it. Now he's thinking maybe we should. We couldn't really just leave him down in the kitchen, because if he cries and whines, it will be my mom he wakes up. That wouldn't be good. So, we brought his bed up to our closet, which is attached to Zane's room (where we all sleep), but separated by a baby gate.

It seemed to work until about 3:00 am, when he began to whine. (Apparently, this was only 1.5 hours after Kevin brought him up.) The whining woke Zane. Which made Luke whine a little more. Which made me say, "Luke, NO!" Which made Zane say, "Luke, NO!" about a million times. Which made Luke whine. Which made Zane cry. Which finally woke Kevin who got out of bed to sleep in the walk-in closet with the dog. By which time Zane was wide awake. So we went to the bathroom (for me), got a drink of water (for him), visited the puppy (for him), got grumbled at by Kevin (for me), read a book (for him), and FINALLY he went back to sleep, after much nursing of course (for him). I, of course, did not go back to sleep.

I'm sure it won't always be like this.


See, we kinda feel bad for him, because in his previous home, he had 3-7 other dogs to hang with and cuddle and nap with at any given time. We will have to read up on what to do about this sitch. We can't really have him sleep in with us, I don't think. I would worry about Zane waking up and accidentally stepping on him or something as he runs around before we are fully up. He might end up in with Caspian. That would probably be nice for both of them. Until the summer.

It will work out, I'm sure. Now, how are we going to potty train this dog with a toddler around? Oy vey.

He really is sweet, though. I'm sure it will work out. It has to. Do I sound like I'm protesting too much? Ha!


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