Monday, February 21, 2011

Long For Curb Appeal Of My Own

Guest written by our friend Jan Chandler

The television show on satellite TV's HGTV channel Curb Appeal is one of my favorite of all those real estate shows that are featured. I'm a hands-on type of person and I love getting new and better ideas on how to make my home and front yard look better. I love the entire premise of the show from sending the family away to their exciting and triumphant return home to see their glorious new home, completely re-done. It's amazing the transformations that they make to an ordinary home and yard. They have the equipment needed to rip out that shrubbery an put in just the right plants needed to emphasize the house.

I also love the changes they make to the house to give it the title claim of Curb Appeal. They can easily switch out the color, pressure wash the bricks or add a retaining wall all in a short 30 minute span. The best part of the show is the end when they reveal the complete look and then show you how much better it looks compared to the old front yard. I would love to have their crew come and do a number on my yard one day so that I too could have that wonderful curb appeal that all their homes do. I love satellite tv from