Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree! (Part Quatre)

Wow! Quatre. What a series. More than just a trilogy! Well, I put Zane to bed around 9:30 and fell asleep with him. I woke up once and Kevin was not in bed. I woke up again and Kevin was not in bed. I envisioned him on the loveseat, in front of the t.v., asleep. So, I decided to be a good wife and get up and wake him. Look what I found instead...

We had talked about wrapping tonight, but I thought I might have put the kibosh on that with my early sleeping. Nope, he went ahead and did it without me, which I think is just great. He usually does most of the wrapping anyway, as he gets so creative with it. I used to care about wrapping, but then one or two Christmases, I REALLY overdid it with the specialness of my wrapping and I really can't care anymore. I'm just a functional wrapper now. But his are so pretty! My Santa is an artiste!


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