Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Office Is A Free On Demand Show That I Never Miss

Thanks for the article from Laura Ryan.

I often select the television show The Office when I am searching for something to watch from Free On Demand. This is a great show and it reminds of the days when I worked in a similar setting. I had a much better boss, although, not as much fun.

Steve Carell is Michael Scott manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, PA. He is great at this role and I heard he was leaving after this year, which is a shame. This season he and Holly rekindled their romance and on the last episode they made the other workers uncomfortable with their displays of public affection for one another.

Actor John Krasinski is character Jim Halpert and he spends a lot of time and effort to annoy Dwight. I'll never forget in one of the first episodes of the show Jim put all of Dwight's office supplies in Jell-O. I can't imagine the time it would take to do that, but it was hilarious. In another episode Jim convinced the vending machine worker to put all of Dwight's office supplies in the machine. Then Pam purchased something and wouldn't give it to Dwight, because she bought it. Dwight then started hurrying to buy back all of his stuff.

I watch this show on my Direct.TV and have enjoyed the Free On Demand option enormously.

ROTTEN LITTLE ANIMALS takes Germany by Storm!

ROTTEN LITTLE ANIMALS by Kevin Shamel was published in Germany by Voodoo Press about a month ago. Since then, it's become a big hit in Europe!!! European audiences want more bizarro. YAY. If you'd like to check out the story that Europeans are lovin', click here.