Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Luke is Home!

He came home and went right to bed!

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We found out last night that we would be getting him, so we went to the store this morning to get him some doggie stuff. He's got a sweet setup in the kitchen. Luke came from our neighbor's, who bred their girl Maggie. He was born October 7th, one day after our 4th wedding anniversary. He has been completely unphased by Kevin going over there and getting him. Of course, we have known him since he was a few weeks old, but we really thought he would be nervous. I guess he was really meant to be ours.

His full name will be Lucius Aurelius Bacon Bond. Or maybe Lucius Aurelio Bacon Bond. Can't decide yet. Votes? To learn more about why we chose each part of his name, go to my other blog.

We're so HAPPY. He is awesome. Caspian is gonna lose his shit when he gets home from his mom's on Friday. He has no idea!



Heather said...

He's so precious!!!

LadyNova said...

he's darling!!

Jennifer said...

Aww he's adorable!! I love the full name. With the Aurelius as my vote :)

Suni said...

what an adorable little dog!!

Amy said...

Awww! He's precious. Is he house trained yet?

Terri said...

Thanks everyone. Thanks for the vote on the name, Jenn. Amy, he is in the process of house training. Kevin took him out, but he didn't do his business before he got really cold, so he came back in. :( He needs a little red plaid sweater.

Retta said...

Awwwwwww! So cute and snuggly.
What a good surprise when Caspian gets back.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I vote for Aurelio. Congrats on the latest addition.

Jules said...

Oh he's adorable Terri!!!!