Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

Hey Kevin,

Welcome to your day! We're happy you're here. It is currently 3:00 am, so there is no way I can produce a post any where near the magnitude of beauty that you made for me yesterday, but I wanted to produce one anyway. Maybe I'll get poetic on you someday soon, but not right now.

(Yes, readers, we will stop just gushing about each other all over our blogs soon. I think. Hey, that might be a good blog. There was that book a while back with all the letters that you could take out of the book...Nick and someone wasn't it? Someone help me out here.) Anyway...again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN! I love you!

Eat your heart out, Colleen. ;)


ps--check out Shameless Reality Show later today to see and hear how Kevin feels on his birthday.

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