Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Completely Weird, Wacky and Utterly Normal Family

I write about my family a LOT. I thought I'd just put together a nice little summary about all of us together here for you. We just moved to Olympia, WA, from Milwaukee, WI this summer. My family = Me, Kevin (husband), Caspian (Stepson, almost 9), and Zane (Son, almost 2).

In addition to my immediate family, we brought my somewhat ailing mother, Rosemary. She lives with us now. It's like our own personal Frasier. That's what they do in Washington, right? So, right there, you KNOW we're crazy. Sometimes to watch the things fly between my mother and Caspian is quite hilarious. You never know what either one of them might say. Put them together, oh my. Here's a good example: Christmas, 2005.

Kevin and I have been married for 4 years, together for 6 years. It's the longest relationship either of us have had. We met online and then he moved across the country to be with me. Romantic, yes. It hasn't been easy, but it seems to work. And at the end of the day, we love each other. That's what matters, right? We sometimes disagree and have trouble communicating, but we agree about the big things (where we live, how we live more or less, our kids, our life), so it's cool. The BIG things are important.

Here we are on our wedding day, October 6, 2002. New moon in Libra.

We have all been getting along with my mom pretty well since the move. But there are occasional blips. Like yesterday. ::shudder:: Just a little brawl between my husband and my mother. Nothing to be concerned over, really. I mean, we just live together. Ahhhhh! I like peace. This was not peaceful. Hopefully, it can be now. We've all been under a weeeee little bit of stress since we started to run out of money. Dang. Is that what happens when no one has jobs? Dang.

I think what I'd like to do is give just a short profile of each family member.
Should I go in order of weirdness? Age? Beauty? How about random?

Let's just start with me. Here's what I usually look like on the Web:

I'm striving for balance in my life and coming up a little bit short. I haven't worked since May 19th and I'd like to keep it that way. I'm not sure where that's going. Since having my sweet baby Zane in February of 2005, work just doesn't seem as important. But who are we kidding. Work has never been that important to me. I am really into blogging lately. I love photography and making videos and am putting them to work on my new blog, Shameless Reality Show. I'm learning more and more about internet marketing every day. We've been making some money online, but unfortunately not enough yet. I'm in the process of losing the last 30 lbs of baby weight. Oy. I also love astrology, hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, exploring my spirituality and my new hometown. And of course, my family.

Here's Kevin, Sagittarius, a self proclaimed professional weirdo:

Here are Kevin's words about himself:
"I'm a professional weirdo. I do art, heal people, focus my imagination, talk to mitochondria, I'm trying to sell my novel, I like animals and the sky, and trees, and gathering good friends."

Here's Caspian. He will be 9 on 1/11/07.

Caspian is a Capricorn. He's really smart, funny, and creative. He wants to be an actor, singer, scientist and veterinarian. He loves animals, video games, hanging with his friends, and being with his dad. He is learning how to play chess better since he just got a chess set. He wants a hamster. Bad. Caspian has been a challenge to us in the past, but his behavior has greatly improved lately. He also does well in school. Yay Caspian.

Here's his Darth Vader Rap:

Zane is the baby. As Kevin says, "Zane will ALWAYS be the baby." Here's hoping.

He is a sweet little Pisces with a mischievous Gemini Ascendant, like his Daddy. He loves blocks and stuffed animals, playing with the family, hanging out with the neighbors, going for walks, getting mochas, and so much more. He's really into talking and counting lately. And binkies. He loooooooooves binkies. He dreams of milk in a cup almost every night and nap.

And finally, there is my mom, Rosemary.

I think sometimes she doesn't know what hit her by moving in with us. But mostly, she likes it. She is divorced from my father and widowed from her second husband. She's got a lot of health issues and hasn't worked in ten years. When we moved away, I was going to have her move into assisted living since she really wasn't able to take care of herself. She hangs out in her room a lot. She likes to play with Zane and play cards with Caspian. She likes teddy bears, sweat suits, angels, and Christmas movies. Oddly enough, she also likes Law and Order and the X-Files.

That's us. Tune in to find out what else we do. You never know what we might do.



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haha hope you all have a great holiday break!

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Thanks Guys!