Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Home In the Desert

I really was never that into the desert. I generally prefer the ocean or forest. But Kevin has always wanted to get a second home. I was not too sure about that idea, either--I know how much work one home is! But he always tells me this is for when we are rich, and someone else will take care of it. Ok, that sounds good.

After living in the super rain belt now for 6 months, I could see how an Arizona home in a gorgeous place like Cave Creek Resort Casitas might be a nice break once in a while. Plus, when you're not there, you can rent it out. One doesn't even have to necessarily be rich.

And I just like the sound of "Resort Casitas". Sounds like a margarita waiting to happen. Hey, could you come down to the casita for a margarita? Why yes, I could!


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