Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Am Free Tonight

Well, actually, I'm not free tonight. But I'm talking about an online dating website with some unique features. You know from some of my previous posts that I like to fancy myself a bit of a matchmaker, even if I don't really make matches in real life. I think talking up online dating services is the way to go for my matchmaking. Leave it to an Aquarius (me). Anyway, I really like this one I just found, called iamfreetonight.com.

One of the scariest things about meeting someone online is the actual meeting. You can't help but think, "Is this safe?" Also, there's a lot of pressure on those first one-on-one dates. One of the coolest things about this new site is that it has features that alleviate many of those worries in one fell swoop. Their unique wingman tool allows you to set up double or group dates. That's definitely safer in my opinion, and a little bit easier on the nerves as well. If you're going out with a group of your girlfriends, you often would like to meet up with a group of guys. With this features, you can "shop" for them ahead of time, pick out a group you like, and meet them. How cool is that?

They also have a Date Now! feature that lets you put in exactly what you want to do on a date, when you are available, and your zip code. In effect, you are designing your perfect date and just finding someone who likes it, is available and close by to go with you. I think that's awesome.

The site, iamfreetonight.com, has also gotten some cool press since they started up. Check out the bottom lower left corner of the site where it says "news/press" to see it. (I was planning to link, but it's a pop up box.)

How fun. It almost makes me wish I were dating again. Amannnnnnnnnnndaaaaaaa...?

Oh, and did I mention the service is FREE, as in costs nothing to participate? Check it. It seems to be powered by ads, which I'm imagining are targeted at the college crowd. So, wait, in addition to Amanda, I need to be working on Steve and Willie. (Not sure if Willie is free, though. Hmmm.) I have so much work to do.


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