Thursday, December 28, 2006

HP Loves Posties and Posties Love HP

HP has some great tools for Digital Photography Review. Check out the following video where HP and PayPerPost go out on a PayPerPost Postie Patrol with Robyn Nykaza. It shows some of the completely cool and awesomely spontaneous things you can capture with HP products.

When I heard all the things Robin was going to have to find, I got a little bit stressed out for her. Timed things stress me out. I immediately thought, "HOW is she going to find someone in shorts on that bitterly cold day?" so I LOVED that Ted gave her that right off the bat. Love Ted. And then how everyone went along with her definitely made it more fun. I love how these things are challenges, but the team is rooting for you to win. HP is so cool for doing this.

I thought it was hilarious that Robin was slightly reluctant to put "I heart HP" on her forehead with a black sharpie, but didn't have any problem kissing that strange guy. I would have NO PROBLEM writing whatever, wherever if I were lucky enough to be offered this opportunity. That looked like the easy part. Would I participate in something like this for the completely rad HP gear? In a heartbeat! It might be harder to do a lot of that stuff in Olympia, but I imagine they'd give me an achievable goal.

I'd also love to see my husband (also a postie) do it! We could use that camera and printer so bad. We just got a new puppy! And my dear friend in Milwaukee who also has a Yorkie is NOT online, so I'd need to print the pics and send them to her (something I never do now, because I have no photo printer). Heck, if HP wanted to replace my husband's HP computer that needs a little work, that would be great too. Well, the $1000 would do that.

Ok, so again. Thanks HP for hangin' with PayPerPost. What a great partnership. You guys are cool.

This post was brought to you by HP.

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