Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Big Disappointment of New Years

We have big, big, BIG plans for New Years. And by that, I mean: none, really. Well, we have plans to have Kevin's best enchiladas in the world. And I bought a bottle of Asti. I think it was last year that Kevin refused to even drink a glass of wine with me on New Years Eve. le sigh.

It seems New Years Eve is generally disappointing for me. There was the year I got locked in the bathroom away from my friends while my boyfriend was in Guam. There was the year a different boyfriend broke up with me. There was last year without even a glass of wine. There have been many more that I can't even remember. Although I've had some fun ones with my friend Erika. She's now across the continent. (And in Florida anyway. So, if I was across the continent where I used to live, that wouldn't work either!)

Well, here's hoping. I'm supposed to be learning my rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" on Zane's xyolophone. I need to go practice. I'm thinking I'll just do my best to make the holidays fun for me and the kids on my own, because Kevin's not really into it. We'll see. Maybe he'll surprise me one of these days.


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