Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Climbing the Gate

Last night I heard Zane up and around on the baby monitor after he had been asleep. Sometimes I give him a couple minutes to see if he'll got back to sleep. He rarely does. I almost always have to go in and I almost always have to nurse him. Life with a co-sleeping toddler! So, I gave it a second and then I hear a CRASH and crying. We run there to see that he had gotten the gate to his room down somehow. I won't even think of the multiple scary connotations of this right now, just hoping it was a fluke. However, I know he's been really into trying to climb the gate and his playpen lately.

I asked him, "What happened? Did you try to climb the gate?"

And he, oh-so-proudly said, "Yeah!"

I have to try and get one of his "yeah"s on video. He has such a way of saying it. his intonation seems to say "heck YEAH!" and "of course" and "I'm proud of myself" all at once.


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