Friday, December 08, 2006

Blogger Love: Kevin

How could I be handing out blog love and not include my own, dear, sweet husband, whose birthday is on Saturday? I could not. Kevin has been blogging for quite some time, but I've pretty much dragged him into the blogosphere on a much more regular basis of late, and I'm glad I did. It really is the perfect platform for him--he's ALWAYS got something to say. And even better than that (because what blogger DOESN'T have something to say?), he finds incredibly unique ways to say what he has to say. Did I mention we met online? Yes, he wooed me with his words.

Now, everyone should frequent his site, in my humble opinion. However, if you agent or publish ANYTHING, you really must go there NOW! (See, a new take on my exit line, and it's in the middle.) I know, I'm his wife, but he has a really fresh voice, lots to say, a great personality to go with what he's saying (for PR purposes, you know), and works incredibly hard. So, go discover him already and he can write even more wonderful things for the world and make us all rich. Go. Go now.

He's waiting for your call...

Plus, I happen to know he is working on a very funny new video he will hopefully be putting up on Friday!



Jules said...

HAHAHA! Nice picture!

Shameless said...

OMG, I'm NEARLY NAKED in this pic!

Thanks for such sweet things you say. You're a nice girl.

And a great wife. I'm glad I have the innernet.