Friday, December 15, 2006

A Bit of This and That and CHICKENS

No one here but us chickens. Here are a couple of blogs from fellow PPPer Ang.. (See, she likes the period after her abbreviated name, so it's important to have TWO periods there.) As you will see, Ang. is an interesting lady. She's a SAHM, married to a trucker, and livin' the country life. She likes to write about her family, her faith, things she finds online, and her chickens.

Her blog, A Bit of This and That, is more general, but the chickens still get in there sometimes. Check out those eggs! If you're looking for the serious chicken 411, check out Ang.'s Chicken Coop. I can really relate to this beautiful post on Morning Quiet. And also this one on getting Christmas presents delivered in the mail. It is exciting!


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