Sunday, December 31, 2006

Oh Boise!

My hugely romantic husband moved all the way from Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to be with me when we met online. Beautiful, no? Well, it was until he decided that he hated Milwaukee and MUST move back out West. Turned out, we were something of the "country mouse" and the "city mouse"--I only wanted the city and he only wanted the country. Well, that and I didn't want to move at all, which was why he came to live with me.

Then stuff happened and more stuff happened and more stuff happened. Then we decided to get married. Instead of going the traditional route (my dad likes to call us "unconventional"), we decided to have a ceremony where we proposed to each other. We rented a spa suite at a swank local hotel and went off to be romantic. As we were proposing to each other, something odd happened. It came up that Kevin was determined to move back West. He was going, one way or another. And I said, "Well, hmmm, I'm not sure I am." And he said, "Well, hmmm, maybe we should think about this marriage business."


So, we didn't fully decide that night. Instead, we stayed over and worried. And in the morning, I just got the feeling that we should be getting married. And I was sad. And I knew something would work out, so as we were leaving, I said, "Let's get married. I'll move with you!"

Idaho Falls was out of the question for me. Too small. Too deserty. He assured me that Boise, a place where he had spent many raucous times as a post-high schooler with friends, was a desert oasis. We visited to check it out. I have to say, I liked Boise. It was a decent size: a city without being too large. It has a lot of interesting historic charm. It has beautiful parks, and lots of great restaurants. My favorite one included a river that people actually tube down in the middle of the city. We even checked out some great Boise real estate. I think I might have a picture of us in Boise. Yep, here we are in the park.

Boise ended up not being the right move for us, as you probably know. We ended up staying in Milwaukee for 4 more years, much to Kevin's chagrin. However, we did get married in 2002, much to both of our happiness.



Anna said...

Well, I'm glad that worked out for you :) it's a very difficult situation to be in, but it's great that you did it.

Nice blog, by the way, I haven't found many that are this... er... literate ;)

Terri said...

Thanks! I'm sorry to hear you haven't found a lot of blogs you like. Check out my links or try The Bestest Blog of All Time

Ok, that doesn't sound that literate, but they include a lot of blogs by people who care enough to promote their blogs. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!