Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blogger Love:

I love the idea of this new blog by my fellow payperpostie, Cass. Digi-Cass is about her journey to learn more about digital photography.

I am all about pictures, and I especially like to see them in my blog (and other peoples'), so I think this is a great goal: learning how to take better pictures. And with Cass as our guide, it's no doubt we'll enjoy the journey. She doesn't take life too seriously and shares with lots of fun, including a really horrid first picture of herself. To link or not to link? Well, she posted it, so I guess it's fair game. It's too funny--check it. Don't worry, I hear she is feeling better.

On the more topic-driven side, Cass has just started to get into the nitty-gritty of learning from other great photographers. Get on over there now so you don't miss anything! You know...Go. Go now. Go on...


ps-I thought I'd post an awful pic of myself just to make Cass feel better, but I usually delete those! I did recently post a few funny ones that can be seen here.

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Marcus said...

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