Monday, December 11, 2006

Bunkin' It

Currently, the bed situation at our house is a little unique. Kevin and I have two full size mattresses on the floor in Zane's room and the three of us sleep in there. It's pretty cozy, especially since we are sleeping under the lovely tree mural that Kevin painted, but we don't really intend to keep it this way forever. Caspian has his own twin size bed.

As I think about how we're going to change this bed situation in the next couple of years, I've been really considering bunk beds for one or both boys. It would be really handy to have an extra bed around if one of them wanted to have a friend over, or if we have out-of-town guests and would like them to bunk together. (Pardon the pun.)

Bunk beds have really changed since I shared a set with my older brother in the '70s. (And he DID say one night that he wanted a Donny and Marie album, even though he forever denies it.) In addition to the standard bunk beds, there are also futon bunk beds. Not only are bunk beds space-saving, but "most bunk beds can be separated to create two beds if desired, they come in twin over twin, twin over full and full over full. The top bunk features guard rails and a sturdy ladder for safety." Nice. Safety is big with me.

And check out the look:

How fun is this one?

Check it out!



older brother said...

I did not.

Terri said...

Did too!