Saturday, December 23, 2006

Updates on Zane and Internet Marketing Monitor

The title does not mean that Zane has anything to do with the Internet Marketing Monitor. I just had two unrelated things to blog about together. Not that Zane wouldn't visit Internet Marketing Monitor. He just hasn't yet. He has been sick. But I'm writing to say that I think he is fine now. The puking and other seemed to have subsided by afternoon yesterday. Probably something he ate. By nightfall he was eating soup with us and continuing to be a little Hell-on-wheels toddler.

Here's a little bit of fun. Internet Marketing Monitor actually quoted and linked my review of IMM in their article about PayPerPost. Wow! Lightning speed on that one. How cool. thanks IMM!


1 comment:

Retta said...

Very cool on the IMM thing
sorry the little guy is feeling yucky though :( I'm sure some early christmas presents and cookies will turn that right around!