Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cool People, Part 2: Kevin Smith and Zach Braff

I feel a little bad now. Like what if Kevin Smith Googles himself and finds my review? I mean, I like him enough. Maybe people seem to think he's brilliant. And even I kinda think he's brilliant. I'm sure if Kevin Smith Googles himself, my blog will be the first thing that comes up, right? See, I'm giving him some link love. Because I'm sure he really needs it. And really, I like him. But no, my site didn't come up on the first page of Google. Whew, right? HEY! It's not on the second page either? WTF? Ha ha.

Plus, Kevin Smith is friends with Zach Braff. And Zach Braff, ladies and gentlemen. Well, Zach Braff. He's just so cool. I think I have a cool theme going on right now. I have another one for you in a second. But I just saw that there is a clip available for the Scrubs Musical...


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