Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Get Organized: Online Calendar

My life is relatively uncomplicated at this point. I like to stay organized, but I don't have a pda or anything like that. I just don't need it. However, there is a free online calendar I just learned about that could help me keep my life organized and that of my family, too.

This calendar is fairly straightforward and easy to use, yet has a lot of functionality. (It even has different themes you can choose to customize the look of your calendar.) You can add holidays and events, and set up reminders for these.

I especially liked that you can share events with others by email. I just sent my husband a reminder about my birthday. (It's over a month away, but you can't be too sure.) I wanted to make sure the other person didn't have to be registered in order to receive the reminder, and he isn't. It seems to have sent just fine. I could see that sort of thing being very handy for keeping track of the kids' school activities, too. You can also have reminders delivered to your desktop or your cell phone. Nice!


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