Friday, December 01, 2006

Action Coaching

As you can see from my bio, it is my goal to one day become a life coach. I am just so into the idea of what a coach can help a person accomplish.

When I brought it up in a conversation the other day, the person I was speaking to said, "But isn't that sort of thing for losers?" Quite the opposite. A coach helps you crystallize your goals, makes you accountable to someone else for achieving those goals, helps you troubleshoot when you come upon problems, and is just generally on your side to help motivate you. Coaching is for people who are smart enough to realize having a team of people on your side helps you become even MORE successful.

Coaches can specialize in many different areas. Business coaches have been especially in demand because business owners see the benefit in a variety of areas from HR to bottom line.

A coach becomes a sort of partner for the person(s) with whom he or she works. Therefore, it's essential that you find someone who fits your style, goals, and personality. A bio of a coach is a great place to start when deciding if that particular person is right for you.


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