Thursday, November 30, 2006

My apologies to you sweet commentators

OMG, I am such a techidiot at times. Somehow, I had almost 30 comments that I needed to moderate which I didn't really know were there. I think it might be because I was being alerted to my old address? Doh! I'm sorry guys. I've dutifully replied to most of them now and posted the ones that were not ads. PLEASE, come back and comment more! :D And I thought no one ever commented. Tsk tsk on me. I will be better now.

I'd like to especially shout out to Amy, Jules, Techie, and Anonymous (You know who you are. (But I don't)). You guys are awesome. And, Anonymous, you leave some nice comments.

Ok, in lieu of flogging myself with a wet noodle, I will post some silly pictures of myself.

ps--Wow, I've been labelling for a few days and this is the first time I've used "self". I thought I was more self-centered than that! I'll have to work harder.


Jules said...

You're forgiven, but I want an explanation of each picture, especially the feather boa academy award looking one!

Terri said...

LOL. Ok, here goes...

Top picture: one of my first webcam pictures. I think I look cool in a scary sort of way. Or scary in a cool sort of way!

In the coat: From some big eclipse in 2004. I'm pointing at it. It was the Harmonic Convergence, I think? We all got sick afterward. So much for harmony.

Then, I'm a baby.

Then, I'm drinking from my baby's cup this Thanksgiving. I'm at my desk in this pic, so it's where I most often am at when on my computer.

Feather boa: I'm dressed up for the Ten Chimneys gala in 2000. 1930s Theme. Check my link section if you want to learn more about Ten Chimneys. I worked there for 8 years

Last pic: I was making faces at my stepson Caspian, who was about 4 at the time. He asked if he could take my picture and I let him. Just a couple of 4 year olds goofin' off!

Done and done!

Heather said...

Awww, you deleted me?? Wahhhhh! Love the pics BTW!

Terri said...

OH NO, Heather? I deleted you? I'm not sure. I did go back and allow all the real comments in. However, I'm pretty sure I lost one in my stupidity about what I was doing. I thought it was one of Julie's. I did not mean to delete you, oh fair one. :)