Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I launched my newest baby:

I'm so excited about it! I will definitely be keeping this blog, but I wanted to have my own place as well.

First, the name:

As you know, this blog is called Musings. I like that.
Stardust is the last name I chose for myself in Second Life (which I haven't had time to explore!)

Here is it in a nutshell, why I like these words and why I like them together:

Musing--thinking, inspiring, amusing
Stardust--human, otherworldly, astrological

I'm starting with a blog called Shameless Reality Show. This will be similar in scope to what I do on musings, but even more focused on my family and some specific goals we are trying to reach separately and individually. It will include (and already has) video confessionals, inside scoop about what's going on with us, and the opportunity to watch me shed 30 pounds. Here's hoping! It's all about transformation and making our lives better. Come, join us!

I will be adding at least 3 more blogs/pages in the next 3 months, most likely. (Hope I can keep up!) These will be more specialized on topics that interest me. But I'm not going to give those away until they launch! One teaser: I plan to launch the next one on December 29th.

Ok, enough of my babbling, get thee to and see how terrible I look closeup in bad light without makeup. (It's like a train wreck now, you gotta go see it.) BTW, all our videologs are up on YouTube. We each did one yesterday and for some reason, Caspian's has been pretty popular there. He's outdistancing all of us, even the baby talking about farting. Doh. Did I give another spoiler? I'm stopping, I swear!


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