Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cell phone committment issues?

Kevin and I have never really committed to our cell phones. In fact, I got him one when me moved 6 months ago and I'm almost sure he's never made a call on it. If he has made any calls, they could definitely be counted on one hand. Which is so funny, because he used to be so mad that I had a cell phone and he didn't, but he never goes anywhere! Really, he mostly just likes cool toys.

But, enough dish about my husband. With the way we use our phones, we just don't need a big contract (or a big bill) so prepaid phones work well for us. If you're like us, or if you just can't be trusted to stick within your minutes, you might try dealking.com to get a FREE Motorola C139 Cingular Go Phone with no contract.

Now, it's not just outright free, of course, because what is? But it is free Cingular Rebates and $20 Big Cash Back from Deal King. And FREE SHIPPING with online activation. Love that. Check it out. Especially if you're a phone commitmentphobe like me.


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