Monday, December 04, 2006

The Big Baby Shampoo Fight: J&J vs. Gerber

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I have to say in the battle of the baby shampoos, Johnson & Johnson's wins my vote hands down. I like the lavendar scented, especially. We used to have a lot of the Gerber ones, but it wasn't until this last foray into Gerber that my love for J&Js was really cemented.

What's the diff? And how do I know? Well, let me tell you, in order for me to get clean around here, the easiest thing to do is to just get in the bath with Zane. It kills like 3 birds with a stone. But it means my hair is crap most of the time, because I'm not willing to put decent shampoo into his bathwater, and ergo, his eyes. So, I USE baby shampoo. There, I've said it. I use baby shampoo.

When we accidentally switched back to Gerber (no blame here) about a week ago, I didn't realize how much I disliked it. I thought it was just the scent wasn't as good, Then I started to notice Zane's hair was not as nice--kinda dry and flyaway. And then MY hair was not as nice. Well, relatively speaking. Today I took a real grown up shower with real grown up shampoo (I get to do that at this time of the month!), and MY HAIR FELT LIKE STRAW! (Can you just use a period after you shout? I considered it, but it just didn't feel right.) Anyway, straw I say, straw.

It's J&J all the way for me from here on out. Down with straw. I'm hoping that was the final straw?



Amy said...

I love the lavender baby oil - that's what I put on after I shower.

Terri said...

You know now we're all thinking about you rubbing baby oil on yourself after the shower. But I have to stop here, because this is a family blog. I wonder if that other sort of talk belongs on my new blog. Kevin just recorded a confessional about porn. Hmmm. Maybe that's why I'm thinking this way. Sorry.

Amy said...

LMAO!! Nice! Should I do a video for you? Hahaha

Terri said...

LOL--work it baby!

Laura said...

I like your tub! It looks cozy.

I like that lavender scented stuff too.

Terri said...

Thanks! It is cozy. It's even got jets. Unfortunately, 1. Zane is terrified of the jets and I usually bathe with him. 2. The bathroom can only be reached by going through my mom's bedroom. Yep, you heard it. My mom's bedroom. I live with my mommy. Or vice versa. I'm never quite sure.