Sunday, January 14, 2007

Feeling Introverted - Kid Party Shell Shock

It's so funny that my last two entries have been about online popularity contests and I just can't seem to write a real post the past few days. I thought of something earlier and now I plum forgot it.

I have a lot of pictures to go through from Caspian's kid party yesterday, but thinking of that intimidates me. And then I might have to relive it. ::shudder:: Kid party. ::shudder:: We had approximately 7 kids here and we might as well have had 70.

The upside? We don't have to do it for at least another year! Yaaaaaaaaayyyy! We always hate doing the kid party. We got out of it last year. Other times we feel guilted into it. This year it was because we are new here. How could we not invite his new friends over? So we did. We are not the picture perfect parents. We are fun, sometimes. But not fun in the way of wanting to be involved in kid-related things. We are not fun in that way. So, this is what we do out of guilt. NOW, everyone is asking us if the party is a SLEEPOVER? Are they INSANE? This was 2 hours and it was PLENTY. Plenty, I say. Plenty.

Ok, I found one photo. If I ever get my shit together, I might have more.

(See, here's the problem. Blogger is not letting me upload. So I have to upload to Flickr. Or I could use dropshots, but I'm at my limit. It's a pain to upload to Flickr. I tried to upload their tool, but it didn't work. Arrrgh. Technology.)l

Anyway, here it is:



Mel said...

Ohhhh....lookie the cute little monsters......errrr....kiddos....


Can you guess that I'm not that keen on kid party stuff either.....and an OVERnight?

Saints perserve us!!! ;-)

Terri said...

No shizzit!