Thursday, January 11, 2007

9 Year Old Wisdom

Caspian turned 9 today!!! Yay!!! I cannot remember where the phrase "9 year old wisdom" started. It happened last night. He thought he was being particularly smart about something and said his "9 year old wisdom" must have already showed up. Heh heh. There were then many jokes about whether it was coming FedEx, UPS, USPS. Could we track it online? You know. Here's a pic for ya. I think I'll write more about the day on Shameless Reality Show, since that's what that is for.

Isn't he cute?



Willie. said...

Ha, I'm still waiting for 9 year old wisdom to arrive...I think the USPS lost it...and yes, google reader is awesome, i just switched to it from bloglines...another thing to promote my procrastination haha

Mel said...

Frankly, I could use some of that nine year old wisdom to find me.

Aren't they just too cute at nine though!

Yours is......a happy birthday to him!

Lisa said...

Awww - he's adorable!!

I think my 9yr old wisdom is lost out there with Marcus', too! LOL!

At least, that's what dh would say!

(Procrastination promotion - ROFL!!)

Retta said...

The joys of being 9...
My 9 year old seems to think he is 19 ... but that's a whole other ball of yarn! That cake looks yummy!