Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Totally Blind and Lost

My glasses have been on the way out for a couple years now. I only wear them right before bed and in the morning before I get dressed. On some PJ days I wear them all day. After Zane was born, they took a beating because I tended to sleep with them in the bed with us, not in a case. A lens popped out. The glasses place popped it back in after MUCH wrangling and a little stretching of plastic. They said they would never be able to be fixed again. The lens popped out again today. I sorta had it back in and Kevin asked if he could help me. I should have said no. He tends to use force. He used a little too much force. Broke-ola. Dang. The entire frame is broke. He didn't mean to. He thought he had them fixed.

It's time for me to get ready for bed and I don't know quite how to do it!!! I can't put my glasses on and putter around the house, the computer, or the TV. Without glasses or contacts, I can't see squat. If I leave my contacts in, I will not be ready for bed when Zane calls. Aaaaaah.

I have to make an appointment with the eye doc, but I haven't gone in a long time. I guess it's time. But what do I do until then? And who will I take to help me decide on glasses? I guess it doesn't matter, but I need me some! (And dang, they can be expensive, especially for the unemployed. More on that later. Been stressed lately, hence the less blogging.)



Sandra said...

My condolences on the glasses. :-( I know how it is to eek every day you can out of the things, mine are held together by two staples I used to fix them when I put the lenses in frames from a second hand store after my old pair had a similar accident. That was long long ago (pushing close to 8 years I think =-o egads, had not realized it was that long).

Mel said...

I feel ya.

Actually, I feel ya TWICE--cuz it's so lovely to do bifocals (NOT).

Interesting things happen when you grope your way through life in the wee hours of the morning, though! LOL

Terri said...

oh dear! ha ha. Thanks for the comments.

Too Nice for Her Own Good said...

I can sooooo relate. My daughter broke about 4 pair of my non-prescription sunglasses within the first year of her life. Why it didn't occour to me to NOT let her near my one and only pair of eyeglasses (with gorgeous and expensive and unusual frames that I'd had for a good 8 years)I can only blame on pregnacy brain. Now I have no glasses either and the complete inability to see without corrective lenses. I've actually taken to sleeping in my contacts half the time so that I'm able to jump out of bed and attend to her in an instant!