Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday

I know, I know. It's Tuesday. But I've been struggling with my weight loss and heard about this meme. Or rather, my lack of weight loss. It's not because whatever I'm doing isn't working, it's because I'm not doing whatever I'm doing. Some fellow bloggers have started a new meme, Weightloss Wednesday. I'm thinking perhaps the added accountability might help me. It's another way to build community among bloggers and help you to think about what you're doing.

Basically, you check out the link, and if you want to participate, grab their pretty little header, and post each Wednesday about how your week went, Weight Loss wise. Then, it's a good idea to go back and post to their blog so they can check you out. I've been blogging my weight loss (or lack thereof) for a while. At first I was wondering if this would make a difference. I guess the way I've been doing it, it's hard to know if anyone is even reading aside from the comment here or there. This way you KNOW someone's coming by to check on you. I think it's a good idea. Maybe I'll even change my weigh-in day (which has been Monday FOREVER) to Wednesday. Well, I'm not sure I could make THAT big of a change. ha ha. We'll see.



Retta said...

I think I'll join you on this one! :)

Mel said...

What a cool idea!!

And there's something about that built in accountability that'll keep me on target.
I do need the accountability--sadly, I talk really good but can lack the follow through unless I know 'the big mean dude' is watching!

Good luck!

Terri said...

Yeah, let's do this thing. I have an interview for a job at Jenny Craig on Thursday. Do you think I can lose 20 lbs by then? ROFL.

Jennifer said...

I'm going to be participating!! I was going to restart my weightloss venture tomorrow anyways. I'm hoping the accountability will help me on the follow-through!

FintessKing7 said...


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Good luck in your weight loss.