Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 1 Results

Here we are on Weightloss Wednesday again!

My goals for this week were to get on program and stay on program and to drink more water. I did not really get on program, but I did drink more water. So yay for that! It's been a stressful week with looking for work and having to get some more professional clothes for interviews and going on interviews and having my kid home from school waaaay too often and having a kid party. I did learn that I definitely eat when I'm stressed now. I never used to that. I guess that's why it's hard for me to lose weight. It's good to know. Now I can work on changing that.

So, I guess I'm just glad I didn't gain.

Start Weight: 216
Goal Weight: 150
Total to lose: 66 lbs

Last Weigh In: 180.8
This Weigh In: 180.8
Total this week: +/- 0

Total loss overall: 35.2
Total left to lose: 30.8

I'm going to make those the same goals for this week:
Drink my water
Stay on Program

I'm a little over my goal here, but this is the photo I've been trying to look at for inspiration:



Mel said...

Perseverence will get you there, Terri.

I like the weekly focus.
I can do a week at a time (most times....LOL)

You just keep plugging away. You'll get there!

Crystal said...

Seems like all the ww girls has a stay steady kind of week - we'll just keep pluggin away at it:) Hope you have a great week, see you next wednesday (or sooner, since I read your rss feed every day, lol)

Terri said...

Thanks guys. I need to plug away at it for more than 2 days in a row. Grrr. :) Oh well. It seems big changes are on the horizon for me. We'll see if that helps.

Jennifer said...

I tried to stay on program this week, but didn't do a very good job of it. I went over my points on a couple of occasions due to bad choices/being just plain hungry.

Terri said...

yeah. Today I have already used many many many flexpoints. argh!

Sandra said...

I did the Weight Watchers program from some books I got in a second hand store when I first started my diet last July. Managed to loose around 20 pounds on it but the counting points was getting to me. I need to get back on that program though, since it worked best of anything I have tried so far.

One tip for you, I found it a lot easier to count the points if I used poker chips. White for my day's points, blue for water, yellow for that day's extra points (since I went low end on points I could eat) and red for flex points. It was a great visual aid on the points, but only when I was at home.

Something else I had seen somewhere was a bracelet that has a charm on a clasp on it and beads between chain links based on how many points you have, and you move the charm from link to link to count the points for the day. Was a wonderfully sneaky way to track points without looking like you were doing it.

Terri said...

Those are good ideas. I have heard of those bracelets. That might be a good idea. I am not doing great at counting the points. When I started this thing over a year ago, I had fun with it for about 4 weeks, and then that was it.

GreenEyedGirl said...

I need to work on drinking more water too! Good luck on you program.