Sunday, January 14, 2007

Maybe it's the waning moon

I think the waning moon probably is playing some part in my desire to curl up into a ball of jammies and not wear contacts today. It's that old game from childhood revised. Maybe if I don't see you (contacts), you won't be able to see me. Maybe it's the end of a cycle. It seems to be the end of a lot of cycles lately. My handy dandy little sidebar widget has been reminding me of the moon. That's why I put it there. Oddly, since I've had my kid I've become more disconnect from mother moon and the planets (and no, that's not a band).

As a fledgling astrology student, I am aghast at myself. On any given day, I don't know where all the planets are. Ok, lemme think, I could tell you from Jupiter on out. That's despicable. I mean, if I think I can always tell you the sun. But I do not know where the moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars are right now. I'm sure that sounds weird to the lay people, but when I was really studying, I made it my business to ALWAYS know where the planets were in the sky. It just seemed the responsible thing to do. The moon can be hard to keep track of--she moves every couple days, so that one I could tend to forgive.

Anyway, I like the widget, so I wanted to call your attention to it. And off me? Ha ha. If you like it too, you can get it here. I found it on LaDonna's blog originally. Hmmm...I thought I found it there, but now I don't see it. Sorry if I'm missing giving someone credit.

Here's what it looks like:


Here's a site about Lunar Astrology. I didn't find anything about this specific waning moon. Well, the moon just went into Sagittarius from Scorpio. Perhaps that's why I had been feeling so withdrawn and why I'm now blogging away about feeling withdrawn. Scorpio can be withdrawn, hidden. Sagittarius is into truth, baby.

This is kinda cool about magic and the waning moon. See, it seems astrologers don't get into that much of nitty gritty moon stuff since it's always changing. But Wicca practitioners do, since it's always changing. If you want to harness astrology for manifestation, the moon is handy that way. You don't have to wait to long to work something or begin something. If you want to harness astrology for personal understanding, the current moon isn't as handy as other things can be. It doesn't have as much effect on us in the long haul, since it's always changing. That's just my personal take. Ok, here's a quote from that page that I like to describe this time that might explain the introverted feeling:

"The Waning Crescent Moon can be seen after the Last Quarter Moon and before the New Moon. The crescent growd smaller every day, until the Moon seems to disappear - turning "dark" at the New Moon.

More reflection, quiet, and meditation."

Perhaps that's also why I've been reading, consulting my cards, and just kinda rambling on here. Enjoy your reflections.

Ok, and in my research as I babbled along this post, I learned:

Moon in Sagittarius
Mercury in Capricorn (almost in Aquarius)
Venus in Aquarius (near my sun)
Mars in Sagittarius

There, now I feel better. It's like other people not knowing the news. It's the celestial news for the astrology minded.



Suni said...

i just put it on my blog...thx!

Terri said...

Cool, moon sistah!

Retta said...

I have had it on my "google homepage" thingy for ages, I like it a lot too :) it's a fun little widget.

Mel said...

The widget is kinda cool....though I can't say I know sick'em about astrology.

Things won't be the same without Pluto......THAT much I know! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this post. :)