Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Be Mine

There's just about 3 weeks to Valentines Day, so our lovers in the audience better start thinking about what you're going to do. How about something easy? I'm always down for easy gifts. I'm talking about Valentines baskets. has a number of pre-designed baskets available with the finest in chocolates, nuts, wines, and fruits from the finest orchards, vineyards, and cheese makers in the world. But, you can also create a more personalized gift by designing your own and picking out the very favorite delicacies that you know your love will enjoy the most.

I don't know that I'd play this, but they did have a somewhat unique gift in the Strip Chocolate Checkers. They also had some great bubble bath and accessories baskets. Check it out.


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BlueRuby said...

I'm thinking I'm going to be showing the Valentine's website to my husband. He never knows how to surprise me (he actually gave me money to buy my own Christmas gifts--I HATE that!)I'll just have to hope he actually orders me something.