Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dull Day

I'm trying to think of what to blog about and there hasn't been much going on today. The sun is shining. It's been a while. It's funny. I don't notice until it comes out. I somehow hurt my back. It had that little weird feeling like it had to pop. So I tried to pop it. I tried everyting. I popped just about everything in the process. Now my back hurts worse. Duh. I fell asleep with Zane. That probably didn't help. I wonder if my insurance covers chiropractic. Wow, that would be awesome. I should figure this stuff out. I miss my chiro.

We finally got Luke a new crate. It's too big. Kevin doesn't think so. He thought the medium was too small. I thought the large was too big. It's supposed to be cozy. It's not cozy. Kevin still thinks it is. Sagittarius. Bigger=better. Kevin is too busy to read my blog these days, so he'll never even know I blogged about him. Bwah ha haaa!

I'm actually glad for a dull day. Except for this back business. It's so nice out. I'd like to take a w-a-l-k (one of the words we ALWAYS spell around here.) Seems like it won't happen. Darn.


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