Monday, January 22, 2007

More Vacation Dreams: Florida

I have a friend who lives in Wisconsin and goes down to Florida alone on a regular basis. Her children are grown and they have children of their own, so that's not an issue. She leaves her husband and just has her alone time, walks the beach, attends classes, sees movies, etc. Now that sounds like a really nice thing to do, and easier to do if not in a majorly tourist area.

A great way to accomplish a trip like this is the many by owner florida vacation rentals. It's also a nice option if you decide to take the family with you. Since the place you would be renting is an actual home, you'll generally have benefits like a full kitchen to do your own cooking. That's a real cost saver with a family. This one looks really nice for that at 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a fabulous beachfront. It even has a heated pool. I've stayed in condos on the beach before, and that's been great fun. I wonder if I could convince Kevin this would be a good idea.


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Mel said...


The Brit and I spent five years apart to get together--but we could do the beach, definitely!

BOY could we do with some beachtime.....