Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Haircuts and Fraggles

Zane got his haircut today! He looks like a little Republican again. Ha. There was a cute little piece of personality on the top but I had her cut it off because I was afraid it would just dork out in weird ways. Then I was sad after she cut it. Oh well. You know what they say about hair.

The hair stylist was very considerate and gentle with him. At first, I thought she was being too considerate. "Just cut it! He's gonna cry. Just do it!" But I suppose she knew a thing or two because we only had a few tears and then she was able to cut it while he clung to me.

Where are the pictures, you ask? I didn't take any. What is my problem? Apparently this is not the real Terri typing, but someone who has been taken over by aliens or something. It's been a whirlwind day. After we got up and took a bath, we went for the haircut, then we drove (too far) to Best Buy (because we had a gift card) to get Fraggle Rock, the first season on DVD. Yay.

Then back to pick up Kevin and get "treats" at Starbucks for Zane being such a good boy. He got a "mocha" (really Strawberries and Cream) and a pumpkin scone. So good, he apparently decided lunch was for sissies and went straight to his nap.

I'll have to try to get a pic of his new 'do when he gets up.



Jersey Girl said...

Cutting my boys hair used to be such a chore when they were little...until I discovered that they would sit still if they were eating. Go figure...I'd give them some finger food item just to get them to sit in place for a few minutes! Glad they grew out of that!

Terri said...

Now, see, I haven't figured out how to keep him still while he eats! He sits on my lap for haircuts still and just clings to me. At least today there really wasn't a lot of crying. Just a couple tears.