Friday, January 19, 2007

Wirefly Announces Top 10 Phones of 2006

I have been somewhat slow to warm up to cell phones. I think everyone should really be forced to take an etiquette class before they allowed to purchase one. However, they do seem to be an extremely pervasive part of our culture these days and certainly have their merits when used in a conscientious way.

Of course, they are also somewhat fun toys. The best of the best can be seen where Wirefly announces the Top 10 cell phones of 2006. This list was based on customer sales, so it really is a popularity list. What won? Hands down, Motorola Razr. These phones consistently top the list of most popular. Why? Well take a look:

I'm sure the technology is what it needs to be. I'm sure the features are there. What else? I imagine it's because they are just darn cool lookin'. Yep. The phone has become an extension of the person. (Was that a pun?) They're cool. Some say iconic. No wonder they're so popular.

No go ahead and get one, but please don't talk on it while a waiter is trying to take your order, you're in a traffic situation (I know, I know), or blab as loudly as you can in the airport. Just don't.


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